Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Night Lights, the descriptions by Chris Fafalios!

I was very inspired to write my quick thoughts on each of the tracks on Night Lights by reading Steve's blog. Steve did a great job on the blog, and I hope that I do a great job as well.

1. "Heart Of Gold" - This song is so Punchline-Americana. When we were writing this song, I pictured the troops coming home from Iraq and this song blasting as they landed on U.S. soil. I'm not sure if this song will be on our new album, but I kind of think it should. It is very easy and fun to play. I would like to play this song on Regis and Kelly, or even Regis and Kathy Lee. My favorite part of this song is Steve's quiet singing part toward the end - I think he sang it very well.

2. "Changing Lanes" - This song should've been on Action. We wrote it for the movie "Gepetto's Secret". I hope that Gepetto's Secret comes out eventually, because it definitely featured the voice of Tom Bosley from Happy Days. There are so many parts in this song. I would love to have songs with lots and lots of parts again. This song is like a musical journey through a Pixar world. I also really love the key change at the end of this song and the guitar parts at the end, they make me feel good.

3. "Pretty Petty" - This song wanted to be on one of our albums so bad. Unfortuneately, its wish didn't come true. This was the second version of the song that we recorded during the Belan era. We altered the original meaning of the song to be about bad music/bands who are all about their image. I wish we cared about our image. We are normal dudes. Can someone come up with an image for us? I wish rapping clowns wasn't already taken.

4. "Over You" - This song's lyrics originally were "she'll never get me over you", which I thought was a cool lyric with a double meaning. We changed it though, obviously to make it less confusing. This is a love song. I hope we stick to our guns and make a whole album without love songs. There are way too many other things to sing about.

5. "She Always Leaves" - Steve wrote this song and sent me a demo he did of it, and I loved it. I even remember re-writing all the lyrics to it in my old LIVEJOURNAL back in the day. Such a fun song that puts me in a good mood. We wrote the bridge last, and it kind of sounds like a whole different song. This is the only Punchline song with the word "ass" in it.

6. "Castway (punk version)" - This is fun. Some people like it, some people hate it. I'll take the album version any day. I do like Steve's talking second verse, where he adds in little "ums" that we just left in there.

7. "I Live A Lie" - I really like this song. I'd have liked to see how this song turned out on an album. I think it the long run I would've liked this song more than some of the songs that did make 37 Everywhere. Very fun and party-like ending, it kind of makes me want to mosh.

8. "Behind The Scenes" - We blew it not recording this song for an album! One of my favorite songs we ever made. I like the sexy beginning, and I think the whole song should be like that, with slammin' choruses. I always pictured a music video for this song, that is like punk rock Wizard Of Oz. I thought that I would be The Tin Man.

9. "Downtown" - This song is so PUNK. Not really. I wrote a bunch of the lyrics in this one, and one of them is about a monkey in a tree. Not exactly my shining lyrical moment, but this song would be decent to MOSH to.

10. "Let A Lion" - Steve was probably on some weird drug I never heard of when he wrote this. I'm just kidding. I love this song because it sounds like something I've never heard before. I like music that doesn't sound like other things.

11. "Battlescars (acoustic)" - I like this better than the album version (maybe). I love the keys at the end, and I also love the hits before it goes into that. One of our most personal sounding recordings, I think.

12. "Coldest of Calendars (piano)" - I like this. I always like piano.

13. "Getting There is Getting By (acoustic)" - "See these circles under my eyes, I think of them as part of my disguise, cause getting there is getting by". Those are the additional lyrics. If those would've been there in the original version, I'd have liked it more.

14. "A Trip To The Other Side" - A song for an old friend. We wrote and recorded it at our Manhattan apartment during the recording of 37 Everywhere after we found out our friend John Beatz had passed away.

15. "Icicles" - What a mess of a song! Its just parts all put together, with big stops. Regardless, people seem to always ask for this song. Maybe its the subject matter, about feeling alone on Christmas, that people really relate to. I wrote a bunch of these lyrics and I'm not especially proud of them. I think that songs should give people hope, and this is just a very non-hopeful song. I think Steve does a great job of writing hopeful lyrics. Maybe I'm not seeing the "hopefulness" in this song.

16. "All Hopped Up On Jinglebells" - I am very proud of this song. I wish it could become a CLASSIC Christmas song! It reminds me of going to my friend Shrimpman's party on Christmas Eve. I like this song way better than Icicles.

17. "Don't Try This At Home (acoustic)" - Only Punchline song ever with a harmonica. We need to use harmonica more. Steve sang great on this, good job Steve.

18. "Greenlight (acoustic)" - We were trying to fool you and make you think this was actually recorded live. It wasn't. That's all tracks of us in the background, being the audience of our own band. At least I'm not trying to convince you its real!

19. "Pretty Petty (2005)" - Where's the chorus? Greg Wood is really good at guitar.

20. "Punish or PJ" - PJ is amazing in this. My Mom thinks he has a good voice. I do too.

That's all my descriptions. Enjoy!