Friday, February 20, 2009


Today is Day 3 of shooting for the Ghostie video. Everything is going great so far. I was in makeup a whole lot yesterday. First I had to get a second face put on top of my regular face. It took about 2 1/2 hours. Then after a very quick shoot, I had to scrub lots of glue off of my face and then get painted orange and have a banana attached to my forehead. I definitely enjoyed having a banana head. If humans got to choose what they looked like and everyone had a real original look, I think I'd go with the orange skin/banana forehead combo. I think it looked good on me, and Sarah thought the orange really brought out my eyes. Even if I can't be orange or a banana head, I would still like to definitely try to start wearing that all white sweatsuit that I got.

Andre did great in his part of the video. I think he's the next Benji or Beethoven. My face hurts from scrubbin'.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Fantastic Valentine's Weekend.

Had an absolutely great weekend. Tony came down on Thursday and we practiced our Whistle Pig set for the big show on Friday night in Altoona. We practiced it ourselves, and then in front of a great audience which included Sarah, Andre, and Andre's toy Mason. Here is a video from Thursday night.

Tony and I then stayed up very late leaving a ton of videos on people's facebook walls, and we also did some great video responses to some of our favorite Youtube celebrities (like John McQuilkin, Christiethepup, etc...)

Friday was a very big day. Tony and I once again practiced, and played Tetris on Wii. I got 428 lines on Tetris, by far my best score of all-time, including when I was in middle school and would go down to the computer lab every morning and turn on all the computers for Mr. Romanchak and spend my entire homeroom period playing Tetris.

"I'm gonna put you in the garbage can, sir" - Mr. Romanchak

The show went very well. I was a little nervous about my singing parts during the Punchline acoustic set, but I think I ended up doing alright. I have this thing where I can sing my harmonies perfect when its just Steve, Belan and I in the room playing together, but when you bring microphones into the equation I sometimes don't sing as well. I think I did well though. I should have some of that footage up soon. Here is a little after-show footage...

Anthony and Trevor were both great at that show as usual.

I think our Whistle Pig set went well too, especially for our first one ever (other than our set in Red Lion, PA with Seether at some sort of arena).

Here is a clip from it.

I spent Saturday with Sarah celebrating Valentine's day. I got her a Sheetz breakfast burrito and hash brown which she totally loved. Later on, I cooked a fancy dinner of Rosemary Chicken and Balsamic Raviolis. I capitalized the fist letter of each word to stress the fact that it was Fancy. I think she really enjoyed the dinner. We also had some Fancy Wine and watched the perfect Valentine's Day movie - Hot Rod starring Andy Samberg. I hope it was the best V-day of her life. Maybe she'll leave me a comment and let me know if it was.

On a side note, Sarah and I can also eat an entire shrimp ring in about 5 minutes (but only while watching The Secret Life of An Amercian Teenager). On another side note, The Secret Life of An American Teenager is one of the worst shows I've ever watched, which is probably what led me to so ravenously eat shrimp. The one good thing about it is that Bacala from The Sopranos is on it. I love Bacala. Here's one of my favorite Bacala scenes!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

The show of all shows tomorrow.

I have been neglecting my blog for over a week now. That's not even right. Its mainly been because I've been way too busy writing songs and making animations to be spendin' any time at all bloggin'! I'll be headin' down to Pittsburgh in about half an hour to have one more acoustic practice with my buddies Steve and Belan, and then I'll come home to spend the night rehearsing with my good buddy Tony Hartman for our first Whistle Pig show tomorrow. It'll surely be a great show, I'm just really hoping that I don't mess up my singing parts during the Punchline acoustic set. I also hope that I don't read Whistle Pig poetry with anything less than pure ferocity. Here is an animation I made.

Next week, we'll be filming at new music video for Ghostie at the Tom Savini school. I can't wait to paint myself orange and have my arm fall off. Should be very very great. I'm also planning an all-out animated video for My White-Collared Shirt. Speaking of that song, its probably my favorite song to play live now.

I watched American Idol last night and I hate the scenester-lookin' kid with the tight red pants. I'm so mad he made it into the final 36. My favorite dude was the big bald dude with the fu manchu. He's awesome.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I made a commercial today.

Today I woke up very inspired to make a great commercial for our March 7th show at Club Diesel. This is what I came up with.

I'm looking very forward to our upcoming shows. Our next show is an acoustic one in Altoona next Friday. Tony and I will also be doing our first WHISTLE PIG set, and I'm pretty sure we're going to BRING THE HOUSE DOWN. I'm also pretty sure that we're going to make a Whistle Pig television show.

I think a lot of my goals are outlined in this tube.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Its Whistle Pig Day!

How could I possibly not blog on Whistle Pig Day? Today marks the official release of Whistle Pig. I hope Tony is enjoying this day as much as I am. Even though I didn't make the trip to Punxsatawney today, I still watched it on TV. My favorite member of the Inner Circle is definitely The Ice Man. Here he is.

I have to also mention in my blog that the Steelers won the Super Bowl last night. People celebrated the right way in Pittsburgh by burning couches in the middle of the street. I tried lighting mine on fire but it wouldn't catch.

I guess I haven't blogged about another important thing that happened, that being that PJ left the band. I didn't completely see it coming. Its pretty weird, but I'm doing my best to remain positive about everything. Jeff Kopanic is playing with us at all our upcoming shows, and after just one practice he could easily play a show with us. His first one with us will be on February 24th. I think he's ready.

I've been spending the past week writing a whole lot of songs. Writing songs is fun.