Sunday, February 21, 2010

My all-time weirdest dream.

Last night I had a dream that we were playing a festival in the parking lot below my house. For some reason, tons of people who were going to the show thought that they could stay at my house, which for some reason was also my Aunt Jeannie's house. There were lots of huge artists playing the festival, including Lil' Wayne. I went outside and there were big white beds with pillows on them. I accidentally dropped a white pillow from the bed on the ground and into some blood, and I was afraid that someone was going to think that I killed someone on the bed. I was a little bit nervous also because Janice Carnevale pulled up in her car and saw me holding the bloody pillow. I went back to the house, where even more people had gathered. I saw Lil' Wayne up ahead, and a couple of rednecks were giving him a hard time and telling him he sucked. The redneck guys were big, so I didn't say anything. After they left, I went over to talk to him and as I did, some guy with glasses came up and acted like he was going to give Lil' Wayne a compliment, but then proceeded to try to be clever and say really unfunny things about how bad Lil' Wayne was. I was pissed off and I called him a nerd and told him to get out of my house. He looked surprised, and I hoped he didn't recognize me because I think he was a Punchline fan. Lil' Wayne was appreciative, and then we had a fun wrestling match. He thought I was really cool, and he told me that he was going to come out during our set at the festival. I thought this was really cool. He then gave me a hug and left. He held the hug out a little bit uncomfortably long. A few minutes later, I saw a guy I went to high school with - Mike Stitch - and he told me he was a banker now and asked me if I golfed. I said no, because I don't. For the next few minutes, I told everyone that I saw my story about Lil' Wayne. I told my good bud Jeremy Ortolona about it, but I had to tell him twice, because both present day Jeremy Ortolona was there, and also Jeremy Ortolona from high school when he had really curly hair. I told my cousin Anna about it and she screamed and was very upset that I would be friends with Lil' Wayne. I sat in a room with Sarah and Shivey and recited the story again, but they didn't really care. Next thing I know, I'm outside with a group of people that included Steve. We stood around talking by a car, and then Steve lit a match and dropped it. There was a big pool of gasoline on the ground and it caught on fire right next to the car. I took off running, and everyone else didn't start running until a little later. The car blew up in a giant explosion, and Steve's body went whizzing past me. I ran as fast as I could toward it, and I saw that Steve was decapitated. His head was still alive though, and he was smiling and came floating toward me. I grabbed his head out of the air, and then I woke up and typed this.

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toriletteriello said...

Oh my god that's so creepy!! Poor Steve.