Friday, November 6, 2009

I wonder if I'll ever stop getting the Christmas morning feeling before we play a Pittsburgh show. We got to the hotel last night around 3:30 AM, and I was awake this morning by 8 because I am already filled with adrenaline. I am always happy to be able to play music in front of a room of hometown folks. I am also happy that I woke up so early because I got to enjoy a Continental Breakfast. I had myself a belgian waffle, a blueberry muffin, and a banana. Bananas are my favorite fruit.

We had a very great show in Louisville, Kentucky last night. In all our years of touring, we have never played in Louisville before. Obviously it was great to hear people singing along and see people enjoying themselves. We certainly enjoyed ourselves. We even had a van party before we played. Paul and I hid from Steve in the back of the van. We basically act like we're 8 sometimes, which I think is incredible. I wish I had a bed tent to set up in the back of the van. Remember bed tents? I had a He-Man one. On the late night drive, we discussed the Universe and things like Black Holes and the Speed of Light. In case anyone didn't know, we're also geniuses.

Its pretty crazy and pretty awesome that there are no days off on this tour. I am actually happy about that. As much as I would like a day off to go to the movies and see "The Blind Side", I am totally cool with a show every day.

Can't wait to see "The Blind Side" though.

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heartbayside said...

Don't know if you remember this pic that Paul had in 2004 but it says Punchline is Genius! Can't wait for you to play in Worcester!