Wednesday, November 4, 2009


We had a show last night in East Lansing. Oh man, I ate SO MUCH salmon there! It was a very cool show other than the fact that we were competing with a Taking Back Sunday/All-American Rejects show in the same town. Do you think that stopped us whatsoever from rocking? No way. I also ran 3 miles again this morning on the "Elliptical Machine", which should probably make up for my mass consumption of salmon last night. Paul and I hung out in the van and listened to good music after Steve and Pat "hit the hay". I like listening to Derek White recordings and being amazed by them. We are heading to Pontiac, Michigan today. I hope that Green Day isn't playing Pontiac tonight too. I don't think they are. I like this tour a lot, and I also like this hat a lot.

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