Sunday, December 14, 2008

Charleston Chew

I had a great time playin' bass tonight in Charleston, WV. I also had a great time calling out Rishi from the Spacepimps multiple times about hitting "not attending" on my event invitation for the Whistle Pig Stimulus Package download. It was real fun and semi-awkward. The Steelers won the AFC North and we were all happy about that. We had a great time playing music tonight. I got everyone to stomp at one point, and I assume they were doing it but I'm not completely sure. Here is a picture I took during the set by whipping out the ol' Macbook onstage...

I also made a really great Video Blog today at Arby's with my good buddy Nightbeast. Here it is.

Here is a picture of me hangin' out with my buddies the other day.

And here is the person I'm going to be hanging out with in about 3 hours, and I'll probably have on my video blog this week!

I am looking forward to a visit this weekend from my good buddy Tony Hartman, and possibly also Whistle Pig cover artist Justin Will. We'll definitely watch Latin Spring Break (if I can find it), play some Wii, go to the Guys Next Door show, and film many Whistle Pig commercials.

I'm bloggin' all over the place now.

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