Saturday, December 13, 2008

Indy 5 Million

I am sitting "backstage" in a basement of a church in Indianapolis. I am going to be playing bass here tonight, obviously! Tonight is PJ's birthday, and I got him the gift that keeps on giving...a video blog!

Its nearing the end of the year, and I need to start making my "best of" and "worst of" lists for 2008. Here are some of my decisions.

Best flavor of '08 - Pomegrante

Worst restaurant of '08 - Buffalo Wild Wings (ya know, BW3s for all you people who don't realize there are only 2 Ws)

Restaurant that made the best comeback in my opinon of '08 - Steak N' Shake

Worst category of '08 - That last one

Best purchase of '08 - Macbook Pro

Worst purchase of '08 - 6 DVDs for 20 bucks off of Mark Feinagle at the Flea Market in which 2 of the DVDs had burnt DVDs of the wrong movies inside of them and 2 of them didn't work because they were too scratched

Best gift of '08 - Dolphin blanket

Best adverb that Belan uses incorrectly on a daily basis of '08 - "ironically"

Worst food of '08 - pickles, of course

I'll think of more favorites and non-favorites later. I should probably be watching this very out-of-tune band cover a Silverstein song right now. Happy birthday PJ, I know how you're always readin' my blog!

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steve said...

...honorable mention for another word Belan uses wrong: ignorant