Thursday, December 11, 2008

I'm sitting up in the hotel room in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I'd like to see those rapids and see how really grand they are. I am of course listening to Tha Carter III album that came in the Whistle Pig Stimulus Package. We had a fun show tonight. I'm really happy that I talked about buck knives on stage tonight. My favorite thing to do now is read reviews of buck knives on I especially like when people talk about knives cutting through deer like butter, and also details about being up the elbows in guts!

Sarah and I saw a really great episode of Saved By The Bell today, in which Mr. Belding's brother Rod comes and teaches the class. Everyone thinks he's a really cool dude, but he really isn't. Sarah and I also have been making chicken noises at each other lately, and I gotta say that it feels really good. I love letting out a real great BA-GAWWWWK every once in a while. I'm also really into this youtube today.

I also made a few Youtubes in the past few days, and both are obviously incredible.
First of all, here is a passage from Whistle Pig that will make your toes curl.

And of course I made this amazing tube of our Pre-Thanksgiving Christmas Party!

I'm looking forward to going to Detroit tomorrow and singlehandedly saving the auto industry.

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