Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Delightfully Blogged, Part 1.

Sorry I haven't blogged in here in a long time, but I'm back.

My thoughts on Delightfully Pleased, in case anyone wants to read them.


In general, i don't like when bands have songs about being a band, because I think its a subject that most people can't relate to (unless they happen to be in a band). I think one per album is acceptable though, and why not make it first? I was extra excited about a) this song being on the album, and b) this song being the first song on the album, because I had contributed more to this song writing-wise than I had on any of the other songs. I had sent Steve a not-that-good demo of it that I did in GarageBand with an acoustic and 5 tracks of my own vocals, and I was psyched when he liked it a lot. Steve is the best songwriter that I know, and its always exciting when the best songwriter that you know encourages you to write songs, and then helps you make them better. What I had sent him was the first verse and chorus, and I always had a vision of the chorus turning out EXACTLY like it did on the recording. The first line of the song/album, "You won't find songs of hopelessness on this record" (which it seems every review we've gotten on the album so far has quoted) was inspired by an interview that I read with Bjork where she talks about how she only likes to write songs of hope, and she was ashamed that she had written a "sad" song (referring to "Possibly Maybe", which is actually one of my favorite songs of all-time). Once Steve shared my vision on the song after jamming on it at a few practices, adding Paul and Cory to it just brought it full circle. Steve added the bridge, which was something he had written for another song but worked perfectly in context with the song. We all contributed lyrically to the second verse. In fact, it was Cory who suggested that we mention "Laga", which is the Pittsburgh club (which no longer exists) where we had our first good shows. We also started the reoccurring "space" theme with the line "we shot for the moon and missed, so we discovered our own planet". The song has lots of "chicka chicka chicka chickas" in it, which I think adds a lot to the air drummingness of the song. I had fun splitting the second verse with Paul, although I was a little bit shy about it because I tend to cringe when I hear my own voice recorded. Jamie (Woolford, our producer, duh) added an effect on my voice so I wouldn't feel so self-conscious (plus it sounded cool). Paul sounded great singing his part. I was excited that we were all singing on the first song, and I thought that people who have listened to us for a long time might be reminded of a song like "Play". There is actually a small musical reference to "Play" in this song, and I hope that people notice it on the 75th time they listen to it. Actually, I'll just be happy if people do listen to it 75 times!

Many people have already asked us about the "I've seen friends become successful and then be a friend no more" line, and who it is in reference to. In all actuality, I kinda thought it would be a line that anyone could relate to, not just us. I also kinda think that if we were complaining about any person/band in specific, we'd sound like a bunch of whiny babies. The point of the song is that despite any setbacks and disappointments we may have faced, we're still making music and enjoying it more than ever. Plus, if someone was your friend and then forgot about you after some "success", they weren't really your friend in the first place, right?

The Reinventor

I have loved this song since Steve sent me an all-out demo he had done of it over a year ago. He played everything on it, including programming the Reason drums, and to tell you the truth, the demo actually sounds pretty damn great. I remember being on tour and running on a treadmill at a hotel in the morning while listening to Steve's demo (which at the time was called "Get Me Out Of The House") and noticing how much faster it made me run. It made me excited, and I really thought that the subject matter of the song was great. By the time we recorded the song for the album, we really had barely changed the structure or lyrics was that good already (hope that doesn't come off as cocky, but I really like this song and Steve wrote it, not me). That's not to say that we didn't all do our best to make it as badass as possible when it came to our own individual parts though. Paul added some very subtle but very awesome (in my opinion) leads in the verse, which reminded us all of the band Bracket (which is a very good thing). Steve had written the bassline on the demo, and it is my favorite bassline to play on the entire album. I did my best to play it incredibly and really make him proud. And last but not least, there was Cory. He ABSOLUTELY TORE IT UP on this song. The beat he plays during the intro and a couple more times throughout the song is my favorite on the entire album. I loved watching him play it in the studio, and I love watching him play it now. I think he shines from top to bottom in this song. I also really love Paul's backup vocals in the second verse, which ends up being the part I sing when I sing along to the album (I'm not really allowed to listen to our own album anymore, but I was allowed to before it came out, and sometimes I sang along, and I don't think there's a damn thing wrong with that!) Plus, when we play it live I sing it with him and just double it. So yeah, i was just practicing, not singing along to my own band's CD.

I love the whole feeling of this song, and also the message. I hope that this song inspires people who are in a bad place to take a break, take some time to themselves, make some great plans, and be the best person they can be. Yeah, that would be awesome.

I'll write more later.


Halley said...

The thing I really love about Punchline is the way the music connects to the audience... When Action was released, I was at the point in my life where I needed to hear songs like "Heart Transplant" and "Getting There is Getting By" That's where I was in my life, and Punchline was the soundtrack... A few years later when 37 Everywhere was released, it was the same thing.... That album was constantly being played by someone in our little group of friends, because that album was exactly what everyone needs to hear in their early 20's. Songs like "Flashlight" and "The Fake The Snake and the Birthday Cake" just really captured the essence of 2007. Just Say Yes arrived just in time to rescue us all from pop punk overload... In a time when bands like cute is what we aim for, metro station, ect were clogging the airways and record company attention, Punchline reminded us all of where we came from and where were were going with songs like "Ghostie" and "Just Say Yes", and now Delightfully Pleased...
If this album was released in the Action days... Im not sure we would have understood it as well as we do now. Delightfully Pleased is like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. We have seen Punchline come such a long way. We have enjoyed the journey, but now we can experience the band at their prime.
Those were the first thoughts that came into my head when I listened to the new album for the first time... I thought, Here is a band that has taken us all on this adventure over the years... and we have finally arrived...
I think this was the album we were all waiting for, and needing.

As I said before... Punchline has a way of connecting with it's audience and really being in the moment, album after album... and that's something I can't really find anywhere else...

modernshorties said...

Great blog, Chris. One of your best.

Greg Poust said...

I always love hearing meanings and stories behind songs as well as who wrote what. Please continue with this for the rest of Delightfully Pleased!

PS: I had a dream last night I was at a Punchline show, I don't know what songs you played in your normal set. But when you went away before the encore I started shouting "one more new song!" and you guys came back and were like "hey man, we know you like the new record" and then my dream ended. I hope you guys played Coyotes in B Major in my dream. That would have made 2 dreams about that song haha