Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Early Mornin' Bloggin'

Its 8AM and before I get my shower and head down to the 'Burgh for a majorly constructive day with Steve, I figured I'd do a quick blog. Last night, Sarah made some baked ziti and we had 3 friends (Johnny, The Sneak, Duke) over for dinner. It was a nice dinner. Sarah and The Sneak did not eat salads. I had 2 plates of Ziti. We ate a lot of cookies after, courtesy of the big plate of cookies that my Mom made. Duke does not like Andre. Andre chases Duke all over the house, and Duke just spent the whole time trying to avoid him and get away. Duke was so happy to leave. I thought for sure that Duke would like Andre. Maybe someday they will be friends. To Duke's credit, Andre definitely was in Gremlin-mode.

My good buddy Adam has a blog now. You can see it HERE. I think I'm gonna put up links for Anthony and Adam's blogs, because they're definitely strong blogs. I like a good strong blog.

I am going to be recording Steve's narratives for our DVD, as well as building a little set in his attic to film a homemade music video for "Maybe I'm Wrong". We're also going to be doing an all-out big-budget video for "Somewhere In The Dark" in which hopefully every person we've ever been friends with will come be in.

Okay, I'm gonna go get clean and then go to Steve's (but first I gotta stop at Walmarts and get clothespins).

Here is a classic Duke-tube.


rogue said...

Hey Chris!

I don't know if you remember me from, oh 6 years ago now! Wow. I used to go to your shows a lot on Long Island, back when the Downtown was still open. Anyway, I like your blog. Your pups are SO cute. I want to follow your blog and have links to it show up on my blog. I am still new to the world of blogging. Anyway, this is me www.rogueme.blogspot.com

I moved into brooklyn so I hope to see you play in the city soon.

Keep blogging!


algezebra said...

a day isn't a good day without reading a blog from chris fafalios.

ChrisFafaliosAwesomeBlog said...

These are two new great comments from two new great bloggers!

Silver said...
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Silver said...
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