Friday, January 16, 2009

Whistle Pig Preorder Day, A New Holiday

Today is the biggest day of my book-writing career (and also the coldest day of the year)! Whistle Pig is now officially available for preorder, and I couldn't be more happy to finally get it into people's hands. I'm also very glad that Tony and I will be immortalized on people's bookshelves forever. It seems like almost yesterday that Tony sent me a poem about a Whistle Pig on my sidekick. I think it was probably our destiny that we would write our first book together. I am also very excited that once February 2nd rolls around, Whistle Pig will be out in full force. I look forward to doing live readings from the book, and I also look forward to starting our next book.

Obviously, I would like to get a book deal. It would be incredible to really live out the Whistle Pig poem "If This Were My Job" (which hopefully you'll soon be reading). I'm spending my whole day today spreading the word about The 'Pig, which is my cool abbreviated name for the book.

THIS is where you can order the book of books.

I also figured the best possible video blog I could do would be in French, as to really get the word out to all our fans in France.

You should also look to the right at my links and go read Tony's bloggings.

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