Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Blog Days of Winter

I am once again sitting at one of my favorite places to blog - behind the merch table. I'm thinking we need to start selling merch items that no other band has, like maybe some coffee mugs and lava lamps. I also bet that people would buy Punchline stuffed animals. We should have a little Build-A-Bear Workshop on our merch table. I think people would be into that. I also woke up this morning dead seriously thinking that I should run for President in 2016. I figured if I started my campaign in 2009, that would give me a good 7 years of campaigning. I'm hoping that by then all incriminating videos and youtubes of me will be deleted as well. I started a text file today of ideas for my book about what I'd do as President. I also wrote a poem about what I'd do as Prez in Whistle Pig that will out in January. That will give people a little introduction as to what I plan to do, but in my full book they'll really know my plans. I guess that in the next 7 years I'd also have to run for some offices so that people can't claim that I'm inexperienced. Maybe I'll try to be the mayor of Belle Vernon. That would be pretty sweet, I'd have SO many parades on Broad Avenue and also really try to pass legislation to bring a Taco Bell to BV.

After tonight's show, we'll be making a late night drive up to Boston because we have a show there that starts at 1:00 in the afternoon. I always enjoy Beantown, and I also always enjoy calling it Beantown. My favorite beans would probably be Baked Beans, followed closely by French Cut Green Beans. My middle school shop teacher's nickname was "Beans" as well. My Uncle Gus also once told me a story about a guy named Beans giving him shit. Beans wasn't too happy about Uncle Gus throwing him in the puddle though. The funny part was that Beans' Uncle Hippo watched the whole thing and didn't do shit.


Sarah Carson said...

Awesome blog!

You've got my vote for sure!
I think Uncle Gus should be your running mate, he won't take anyone's shit!

anthony michael hartman said...

So glad the story about Beans and Uncle Gus made the blog. Also, I went to a youth hockey benefit last night at a place called "pounders". Pretty awesome.