Sunday, November 16, 2008

We are leaving Boston (Beantown) now and driving 10 hours toward our great hometown of Belle Vernon, PA. Beantown provided us with a great show filled with great friends. It feels good to hear people sing along to your songs...that most definitely never gets old. I played my second show in a row wearing glasses. I'm practically Rivers Cuomo at this point, except I'm the Rivers Cuomo of bass. If I was a fisherman wearing these same glasses, I'd be the Rivers Cuomo of bass (different pronunciation). I love when the same word has different pronunciations and meanings based on context. Here's a good example of a sentence that would surely confuse someone trying to learn the English language: "I live for seeing bands play live". I'd really appreciate if someone could leave me a comment letting me know what those kinds of words are called. I should seriously know this because I did very well in English. You wouldn't know it by some of my run-on sentences and dangling propositions in some of my past blogs though! 

The Years Gone By and Let's Get It were both good bands and good guys. It was nice sharing the past 5 days with them. I also really appreciate all the people that came out to the shows over the past couple weeks. I really think we need to do a good support tour though. Someone call Jimmy Eat World and tell them to put us on their Clarity tour! Oh man, could you even imagine? We decided the other day that one of the worst bands out there is "Default".  Pomegrante flavored drinks are my favorite. I'm getting off on a tangent here. Here are some pictures from tonight

This guy had marker on his face for some reason, you can't see it in the picture though.

Some nice people in Beantown who enjoy the blog!

My good buddy Matt, I'm gonna check out his songs in a minute.

Another good buddy named Matt. The other guy in the picture is some guy named "PJ".

Tour picture...all looking off to the side, and kinda blurry. Perfect!


The Real Diehl said...

those words are called homographs. just in case you were still curious. have a nice rest of the trip

DAYNAAA! said...

that was an awesome show.
hope you had a fun 10 hour trip home. hahaha. :]