Friday, November 14, 2008

I love penguins, especially baby ones.

I woke up this morning to go eat a DELICIOUS continental breakfast at my favorite place to eat continental breakfast - the Super 8 lobby. Of course I couldn't resist the individually packaged bagels and muffins, so I went ahead and had one of each. I also had a styrofoam cup full of ultra-sugary cherry Kool-aid. I think everything tastes just a little bit better when you drink it out of styrofoam. The taste of the Kool-aid reminded me of the smell of the new shampoo I started using...Suave Kids 2 in 1. It smells like magical candy. I also love the fish listening to an Ipod on the front of it! (Although I'm pretty sure that in this picture I found of it on the internet, the fish has chosen to leave his Ipod at home.)

Yesterday at the show, I found myself enjoying the music of the opening bands while looking at pictures of baby penguins on the internet. I would definitely have to say that baby penguins are the coolest baby animals, which is probably what spawned that urban legend about the kid going to the zoo and stealing a baby penguin and bringing it home in his/her backpack. Of course I talked about looking at pictures of baby penguins on stage as well, which I think is much better stage banter than going up there and talking about such trivial things as "our new album". Its DEFINITELY better than going on stage and talking about your band's myspace page, and how everyone in the crowd should go "check it out!" At every show that we play, at least one band ends their set by going "Thanks a lot everybody! We're So-And-So! Check out our!!!" I am glad that we don't end our sets with URL addresses. I am also glad that this gorgeous baby penguin is now the desktop background on my computer...

We are going to New Hampshire now, a state of which I only have one strong memory. In the summer of 2005, we were on tour with Reel Big Fish and we played at Hampton Beach. My good buddy Trevor and I were looking forward to hanging out on the beach and playing guitar in the sand. We headed down there after we loaded in, acoustics in hand. He began to teach me how to play an awesome song he wrote called "Too Close", but before he could finish, a very drunk man kept insisting that we play some Pearl Jam. Then it started to rain. That being said, here's Trevor playing at the college I graduated from.

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Sarah Carson said...

I've been replaced by an adorable fluffy baby penguin!