Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Here are some pictures of my new band that I will be playing in starting (and ending) on November 28th.

DJ Ezzo spinnin' (as usual)

Droppin' the beat to kill.

Representin' PRIMETIME screenprintin'

Obviously if you don't like my new band, I'll laugh in your face. Oh yeah, and check out our bio.

Logic is a Hip-Hop/Hardcore band based out of Pittsburgh Pa. Since Logic formed in late 1996, they have been gaining added respect from fans and
 fellow bands in the Pittsburgh underground music scene. Bringing a variety of musical backgrounds together under one common goal is never an easy task, but Logic creates a melee of music that has since been unheard of. Logic's music has strong influences from hardcore, hip-hop, metal, punk, and anything else they can pick up along the way. Although their style is diverse, it never compromises its heavy groove or its appeal to Logic's ever-faithful fan base.
Since the release of their debut CD, "Straight Up Chaos", in May of 1998, Logic has enjoyed a host of great reviews and extensive touring in Pennsylvania and throughout West Virginia, Ohio, and New York. Da' Core magazine (Pittsburgh) says, "These guys kick hip-hop/hardcore that closely rivals national acts like Downset and Dog Eat Dog. Being as young and talented as they are right now, I can't imagine what will come out of these guys in the future. They are a definite find for any label that wants to grab a new young band."
In the past year, Logic has worked its way into the close-nit family of the Pittsburgh heavy music scene. Playing shows with Pittsburgh best hardcore bands and opening for national acts such as Biohazard, Clutch, System of a Down, Face to Face, Candiria, Straight Faced, and Shutdown has helped Logic develop their style as well as their infamous live show. In the next few years, Logic plans to continue touring and spreading its musical message to all who will accept it. With another CD slated for release sometime in the summer of 1999, Logic will certainly continue to give the music scene and its fans all it can give at every show. Logic is currently in search of an established record label to help with their next album and to help them gain more exposure on the national level.



707 Fayette Ave.

Belle Vernon Pa. 15012