Thursday, November 13, 2008

I'd rather be blogging.

Now that I have internet everywhere I go and also a totally kickass new computer, I'm very glad that I can blog from everywhere that I go. Today I'm blogging straight from a couch in the back of a place called "Billy Baloney's" in Danbury, Connecticut. If it wasn't for my dedication to playing the bass, I'd probably never have been in Billy Baloney's, let alone Danbury. I'm glad that this place is named after a really great Pee-Wee character.

I spent 26 dollars today, and I don't have much to show for it. I spent 6.95 on a turkey sandwich at a rest stop today, which seemed ridiculously overpriced, but I absolutely could NOT let myself stoop to eating ROY ROGERS (quite possibly the worst of all fast-food restaurants!) I also bought myself a Hershey bar with almonds (mmm) and a copy of the new Time magazine with the new prez on the cover because my subscription just ran out. I had a magazine subscribing phase this past year, and I learned my lesson pretty well. Here is my list of good and bad magazines:


Mental Floss (my favorite magazine, of course)


Nintendo Power


Entertainment Weekly

Sports Illustrated (mainly because my subscription spanned the length of the Olympics and baseball season, my 2 least favorite sporting events)

Bass Player (I mainly subscribed to this so I could set it on my coffee table to humorously make my friends think that I love reading about bass playing)

I'm real glad that Sarah decided to start blogging as well. You can check her blog out over in my list of links on the side of this blog. Its worth checking out, especially for her great picture of her dog King. I think after she blogs ten times, I'm going to buy her a domain name (the gift that keeps on giving!)

Tony and I really started getting the word out about Whistle Pig today. I really think that our book is going to change the way people look at the world. I also think its gonna change the way people look at groundhogs, gnomes, hitchhikers, well-water, and zebras. I also think that its pretty amazing that David Wain did a reading of "Pregnant Guys" for us. What a great and cool famous guy. As soon as I get as famous as David Wain, I am surely going to be that cool to people trying to aspire to be as cool as me.

I'm hoping to get to hang with my bud Greg Wood tonight after the show. Here is the coolest youtube that Greg Wood and I probably ever made.

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