Monday, November 10, 2008

Let's Give 'Em Somethin' To Blog About

I have become quite the early morning blogger. I spent an extra night sleeping on the floor due to an unforeseen blizzard in Michigan last night. Luckily, the Best Western had a much more comfortable floor than the Super 8 we stayed at for the past 2 nights. Someday when I'm rich I'll get a cot and bring it with me to all hotels! I'll also hire someone to carry my cot around. I'll be creating a cot-carrier job, doing my part to help the economy.
You would think that with all the skills and titles I've acquired that I should have at least a billion dollars by now! I was trying to figure out a list of them in the shower (but the paper kept getting wet), so I'll list them here...

- bass player
- back-up singer
- scrap metal yard worker
- forklift operator
- youtube creator
- video director
- blogger
- video blogger
- above average ice skater

With the Jaunary 2009 release of me and Tony's masterpiece "Whistle Pig", I'll also be able to add the following to that list...

- writer
- author
- cartoonist
- poet
- fableizer (a word I just made up, it means "one who writes fables")

These are some of my past skills that I would need to brush up on to really still consider a current skill or title....

- ice hockey goaltender
- landscaper
- guy who untangles ridiculous piles of mining cable
- soda pop shelf stocker at Pechin's

I'll get that cot, just you wait and see.

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Ashley said...

Chris, I really like your blog! I also find it impressive that you are an above average ice skater.

Keep it up! (Both blogging and ice skating, that is.)