Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I'm sitting behind the merch table with Belan right now in Rochester, NY. We are listening to "Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover" by Sophie B. Hawkins very loudly so that everyone around us gets to enjoy it as much as we are. I'm taking a break from listening to "So Cold in the D" for the first time today, what a great song that I discovered in Michael Ireland from IATA's blog! I hope that some people discover great songs and youtubes from my blog as well. I think I need to get the word out about my blogging more, so that someday I can sit and blog at political events (which obviously would be a dream come true). Sarah almost got a blog yesterday, but then she completely wimped out when it was time to pick a username. I'd definitely like to read Belan's blog if he had one. I'd also like to read his book someday when he writes one. It will be awesome because he can document his entire life...he definitely told us that he can remember being 1 year old and having his diaper changed the other day. I wish I could remember being 1. Belan is now playing the piano, and that's another thing that Belan can do that I wish I could do. Dude is seriously an awesome pianist.

I noticed lately that Steve has been wearing blazers a lot. 

The dude sitting next to me doing merch for another band is the most antisocial person ever. I asked him if he likes the new Jimmy Eat World and he gave me a look like he never heard of Jimmy Eat World. To get back at him, I listened to "So Cold in the D" at full blast. Hopefully he's downloading it right now on his Iphone.

Well, here's me tearin' it up.


Emily said...

You definitely are the best dancer every. I am very jealous. Maybe you should do a little bit of that on stage.

Can't wait to see you tonight in Danbury!

Emily said...


Sarah Carson said...

I've overcome my fear of blogging. :)