Friday, September 11, 2009


This morning started out amazingly. I woke up and went down into the hotel lobby, where I saw my good buddy Pat Dee sitting and enjoying some CB (Continental Breakfast). I had some eggs, sausage links, toast, and a warm biscuit. I also had some cranberry juice. While we were sitting there, Pat came up with the BEST idea I've ever heard...that we should surprise Steve and Jon with BREAKFAST IN BED! I couldn't stop smiling when he suggested this. I was in charge of Steve's breakfast, and Pat was in charge of Belan's. We did it this way so that we'd each be getting breakfast for the guy we share a bed with. You should've seen the look on their faces when we walked into the room we heaping helpings of breakfast food for them! They woke up with the biggest smiles and immediately dug in. I even got Steve some OJ, and that's his favorite!!!

The tour has been going pretty great so far. My favorite show of the past few days was New York City. I always have fun in New York City. I have so many COOL BUDS in NYC. One of my cool buds in NYC is Vinnie Caruana. He is like The Fonz of guys in bands. I strive to be cool like Vinnie in every day life. We went to The Continental and did shots of tequila. They were delicious!

I'm also always very excited to see Timmer, Hoo Daddy, and BB GUNZ.

One show that was not so great was Baltimore. The people that were at the show were great (obviously), but I guess we did something to make the city of Baltimore mad because there weren't that many people there. What's up Baltimore? What did we do? Being Monday night probably didn't help, but that doesn't usually stop Baltimore. At least we ate at the Paper Moon diner with our friend Janice. She got the turkey dinner, and I don't blame her. I LOVE SWEET POTATO FRIES.

I think all the bands on the tour are very cool. So far I'd vote Kevin from Farewell as tour MVP. One cool skill he has is that he can restore tractors.

I am looking forward BIGTIME to our hometown Pittsburgh show tomorrow night. Its going to be "VERY NICE" (say that in a Borat voice). We played in Poughkeepsie last night, and after we played, we went to the bar next door with all the other bands and watched the Steelers win. A group of guys that were bigger than me were saying "F*** the Steelers!" and the YINZER in me came out and I yelled at them "SUPER BOWL CHAMPS" and a couple of cuss words. Belan was worried they were gonna beat me up, but after I said that they really backed down. I think they were intimidated by my Mickey Mouse shirt I was wearing.

Well, that's all I'm gonna blog for now. Sorry I didn't blog the past few days, I was too busy doing MANY COOL THINGS. I'm gonna go to Allentown now. My very nice girlfriend is making the drive all the way out to see me play bass. She loves my bass skills!


Daniel Castady said...

You are the most hilarious person I've ever met. That was adorable.

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Paul said...

Very funny blog man...but you forgot to mention your show in Vineland!