Sunday, September 6, 2009

Raleigh Caps

Well, North Carolina turned out to be a great state to have the first two shows of the tour. I have to give NC mad props for being full of great shows. I definitely realize that being belligerent and obnoxious onstage is the PERFECT way to be when you're playing the bass. I took off my shoes and threw them at Pat tonight during "My White Collared Shirt". He only dodged one of him. I threw them at him because I don't respect him. Our old buddy Zach (bassist of the band Sullivan who is no longer a band) took me to a great place to eat called CookOut. I got a burger with some chicken nuggets and hushpuppies. Dang, it was great to eat hushpuppies again. About 2 hours later, we went back there with the rest of the band and I ate again. This time I got the BBQ sandwich, which was also fantastic. After we played tonight, I met a lot of nice people, including a nice man who told me he wanted to be best friends with me. Maybe I'll take him up on it, who knows? I fully realize that I'm writing about food way too much in this blog, but I also have to mention that we ate lunch in a Japanese/Italian restaurant today. It was the first Japanese/Italian restaurant we ever ate in, and I had a wonderful sushi lunch. We also got our van washed, quite possibly for the first time ever. I figure at 180,000 miles, its time for a wash. I think it recommended a wash at 180,000 miles in the manual. Tomorrow we head to Vienna, Virginia, another town that we have never played music in. The grammar is this blog is pretty awful, I'm ending with so many prepositions and wording things very awkwardly. That's what I get for blogging at 3:07 AM.

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