Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Snuggie Beaumont

Right now I'm using my Snuggie as it was fully-intended. I am laying in bed with Steve and he is under the covers, and I don't necessarily like to be under the covers with him, so that's one benefit. The second benefit is that I'm on my laptop, and I can be under my covers with my computer on my lap, but I also have my hands free to type at the same time. I really do think its a pretty great invention, even if it is only a big robe without the belt.

We hung out with Barely Blind tonight down in good old Beaumont, Texas. They are my good buds. It was Brad's birthday at midnight, and he wanted to go to Waffle House for it. It was a perfect ride where we all sang to him. Reid's parents made us a delicious spaghetti dinner earlier, but our second dinner at Waffle House was great as well.

Steve beat me at ping-pong, which makes me want to retire.

We went and saw Inglorious Basterds today and it was incredible. Quentin Tarantino is the greatest director of all-time, "and you can quote me on that" (John McQuilkin). By some crazy coincidence, Farewell happened to be at the same theater. We didn't see them, but their van was outside. They must have been seeing another movie. We decided to write a note that said "Get out of our town freaks. You are not welcome here" and leave it on their windshield. We even smeared a little of Pat's blood on it. I'm sure it really freaked them out.

Beaumont, Texas is probably in my top 10 places that I could probably live. I don't like the mosquitoes and ants though. I wish mosquitoes would go extinct.

We gotta drive all the way to Pensacola tomorrow. Maybe I'll write an insanely long blog. Or a book.

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bella said...

i really enjoy your blogs and the fact that you're blogging at 3 am! ha.