Sunday, September 6, 2009

Vienna Fingers

I have to say that this tour is really great. We played in Vienna, Virginia tonight at Jammin' Java. Needless to say, I jammed the #&@! outta my Java. I think we have played better every night on this tour so far, and tomorrow things will be running on all cylinders. I will be fueled by some delicious sweet potato fries tomorrow night as well. Pat is looking forward to redeeming his last Baltimore show. I hope we can find that pack of hooligans that held him down and forced him to drink Margaritas before our last Baltimore show. They need to pay! I had a great mozzarella and tomato sandwich tonight, as well as a bowl of chili. I have been eating decent food, but spending way too much money on food so far. I'm a little confused as to why none of the clubs so far have provided any food or drinks whatsoever. I'm gonna go broke eating sandwiches. Its okay though, because I love sandwiches. We are sleeping at Cory's house tonight in Baltimore. Cory is cool, and he has a cool dog named Sadie. We played with the Diesel Pigeons tonight, and I think I want to adopt them and make them my sons. I think all the bands are having a good time on this tour, because the shows have been great so far. I plan on turning things up a little bit more each night. Tonight I did a funny little dance on stage, I just made it up on the spot while we were playing. It was kind of an ode to Josh Bonner/Old-School Steve, in which I kicked my legs up very high and to the side. I think it really won the crowd over. People cheered very loud tonight, which is always a great thing. I want to keep stepping it up each night, so that by the end of the tour I'm hanging from the rafters and punching my bandmates in the face during our set. That would be great. Maybe the shows will get so good that my head will just explode and glitter shoot out all over the crowd. I have big dreams. When I was taking a shower tonight, I was wondering whether anybody hated me. I hope not, because I would like to be well-liked. Let me know if you know anyone who hates me. On second thought, don't.

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