Friday, September 25, 2009

San Antonio, Holmes!

Hey, I'm in Texas. I'm actually on the way to Dallas from San Antonio. Tonight was a cool show in San Antonio. It was a very "intimate" show, but that is nice sometimes. I got to see my buds Joel Hennig and Matt Adams at the show tonight, which is always great. I like that both of those guys are great runners too. I learned that 125 Texians and 527 Mexicans died at the Battle of the Alamo. I'm glad that I decided to never die, nor get the swine flu. I had to wear my glasses at the show tonight because my right eye is bothering me. The reason for that is probably because I have disposable contacts, but I barely ever change them...maybe once every 5 or 6 months. Its okay though, because the people of San Antonio got a special treat with a special "glasses" show from me. I think I played even better in my glasses. It doesn't bother me that they sit crooked on my face either, because I think that's stylish and cool. I also decided that I'm getting pretty famous now. I decided to start my own mailing list, and I definitely decide to make it INCREDIBLE. One thing that I decided today is that when I get really HUGE, I'm going to have an entourage of cool looking dogs that follows me to press conference and awards shows. I've really been getting extra famous over the past couple weeks or so, and I gotta say that it really has its up and downs. People always expect such great things out of me. I really feel the pressure to keep producing excellent podcasts, blogs, video blogs, and most importantly, FACEBOOK STATUS UPDATES. I think I'm handling my fame well though, and really not letting it get to my head. I think one of my best qualities has always been my INSANE AMOUNT OF MODESTY.

We all ate lunch at Wal-Marts today, which is a great place for lunch. You can really stretch your money out at Wal-Marts. I ate chicken for both lunch and dinner today. I don't have a problem with that at all. Someday I might stop eating chickens, but not yet. I definitely feel a little guilty lately about eating cows, because I kinda think they're gorgeous. I'll tell you right now, I'll never eat a horse.

I have 4 mosquito bites. I see no reason why mosquitoes should exist. I don't think it would mess up the ecosystem if they were all eliminated. I am going to start constantly applying Off spray to avoid these itchy red bumps. I hate them.

I need new shoes.

Here's a cool truck I saw.

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