Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Love of Horses and Fear of Frogs

I'm in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Today I saw 4 really great/gorgeous horses frollicking in a field. It really made me think about how cool/gorgeous horses really are. Yesterday, we also passed two cows that were being very romantic. It seemed like they really liked each other. I went running again this morning, and I think I'm very good at running. I plan on going tomorrow morning as well, and maybe not eating a big burrito and three pieces of pizza and a gas station sandwich as my diet. I also learned the very hard lesson that Punchline is not a popular band in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Maybe the fact that we've never played in Tulsa didn't help. Other than that, today was rather uneventful. I'd probably say seeing those horses playing was the best part of the day. Sarah informed me that Andre saw a frog and cowered in fear when he saw it. I like that I have a dog that's afraid of frogs. I'm looking forward to getting to Texas. We plan on camping out on Thursday night, which could be very awesome. I don't plan on sleeping on the ground though. I am very spoiled when it comes to hotels these days. We are at the Hilton tonight. Belan gets very upset about the fact that these fancy hotels charge you to use the internet. Luckily, I have my AT&T USB connect which allows me to always be connected to the internet. I'm so connected that at some point I'll probably snap and destroy all my technology and go live in the woods in an old abandoned bus. Hopefully there's a bus I can sleep in when we camp out. Also, I definitely hope there's no frogs because I'm terrified of them. Hey, whatever Andre thinks is cool, I think is cool. Except for peeing on the carpet.

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