Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Okra-homa City!

Had yet another BLESSED show tonight in Oklahoma City. I knew that the show was going to be BLESSED because when we were at the laundromat, a guy said to us "I hope y'all tour is BLESSED". He definitely knew what was up! I love when people say "That's what's up" in kind of a southern way. I am very happy to have all of my FAVORITE SHIRTS completely clean again. They all smell so good and look so cool. We have a day off tomorrow to drive, and there's a chance that we might go camping with our good buds in Between The Trees. I really hope this happens, because I love to camp. Maybe I'll get the license plate "LUV2CMP" when I get home. I'll be the first one in line for Smores! I went to Wal-Marts twice today. I'm glad I got some great stuff. One of my favorite parts of going to Wal-Marts is when I got some breaded okra from the deli and Belan thought that okra was octopus. I actually wish it was, but alas, its only a vegetable. We went back to Wal-Marts later and we got stuff to make sandwiches for the entire tour for $30.03. That's quite a deal. I also got lots of great snacks that are delicious and economical, like: chocolate chip pop tarts, cream cheese and chives crackers, pumpkin muffins, whole wheat bagels, and some kind of fiber bars. Also, I've worked out on the treadmills for 3 mornings in a row. I went 1.5 miles the first day, then 1.75 miles the second day, and 2 miles today. I am planning on doing it again tomorrow. I can't believe how hunky I'll be if I keep this routine up. We had a great show in Oklahoma City tonight. One cool thing was when Steve rubbed his guitar against some girl's head during our set. I'm sure she thought it was cool. This tour is a tour full of good dudes. Here is a picture of the dudes.

Let me also note that 1) people at clubs don't flush toilets, and 2) I will never get the swine flu. I promise.

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